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 First Glance and over look of the NighlyFrights

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First Glance and over look of the NighlyFrights Empty
PostSubject: First Glance and over look of the NighlyFrights   First Glance and over look of the NighlyFrights Icon_minitimeSun Aug 18, 2019 8:45 pm

Activity: 5/10

There is a lot to post about horror movies you have done a great job covering all the different types of genres.

Logo: 7/10

Logo is a little big 450 in height might be a bit better but that's my point of view, but overall suits the forum

Theme: 4/10

Where I have a big screen there is a lot of empty space and it's quite hard to read it as it is quite bright to the eyes. Finding where the topic and reply button was another thing if I didn't know where it was someone might find it hard to find, better font can be used as well. Also the theme boxes are slightly confusing to actually find where each forum is to locate maybe standing that out a bit more so you can see where the forum is linking to (the part where you can add a topic)

You forum sections is abit messy and could do with making it clearer. maybe change the forum name to white and the description to red.

Overall: 8/10

Overall you have done a pretty good job on covering everything that should be on NightlyFrights what you might want to do is see if you can is get a domain for this forum and a SSL then see if you can invest in some SEO who knows could take off for the people who like this stuff, but it's not for me.
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First Glance and over look of the NighlyFrights
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